Our Instructors 

All of our Adult program instructors have been members for over 20 years! 

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Sifu McMurray began his martial arts training at age 9. He began his training at Chuan Tao Kung Fu in 1994. He has served as chief instructor at the Tukwila school 1999-2002 the Kent school 2003-2004 and the Renton school since 2011-present.

Sifu McMurray has been guest instructing for other martial arts schools for the past 8 years and regularly speaks and provides demonstrations for local schools and other organizations.

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Mr. Graydon has studied martial arts since the age of 13. He started out training in Karate at the local community center, later moving on to Tae Kwon Do.

After realizing those styles weren't for him, he went searching for a school that could supply him with self-defense skills that were practical and effective and would lead to a higher knowledge of what the ancient arts are all about. He finally found Chuan Tao Kung-Fu in 1993.

After becoming consumed by the training, he took over as chief instructor from 1997-99. Since then, Mr. Graydon has kept up his training with other alumni of the school and is now one of Chuan Tao Kung Fu's senior instructors.

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Mr. Dybvad has been training at Chuan Tao Kung-Fu for over 20 years, he started at the age of 32 and had never trained before. The art and the school quickly became a major part of his life. Although he will always consider himself to be a student he began teaching 5 years ago.

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Mrs. McMurray started on her Chuan Tao Kung Fu journey in 2011 at the age of 32, after Mr. McMurray brought her into the Chuan Tao Kung Fu community back in 1999. She had no martial arts training and felt intimidated to try something new, but once she finally gave it a try she was hooked. She loves the structure of the class, that she is still and always learning, and feels part of the Chaun Tao Kung Fu family.

Mrs. McMurray is now teaching our youngest members of Chuan Tao Kung Fu in the children’s program.  

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Mr. Rabourn dabbled in Karate as a teenager, but didn’t start committed Kung Fu training until after college under Sifu Anjaz, August, 1993. As a person who enjoys many different outdoor pursuits ranging from mountain climbing to kayaking, Kung Fu training provided increased focus, strength, endurance, flexibility and confidence for these other passions. Once Mr. Rabourn discovered his love of teaching through kung fu, that interest led him into also teaching downhill skiing. The mental and physical skills he practices in Kung Fu help him daily in his career as an environmental professional restoring and protecting salmon habitat.