We are moving locations please check back in jan 2020


Why Train With Us?

Study a COMPLETE system that contains all facets and levels of defense against various types of aggressors.

If you have previously trained in another system and felt that something was missing, or the focus of your training was too narrow, we gladly accept students from other schools. Come and see what this all-encompassing martial arts system can do for you. You will soon see what you have been missing.

Upon being accepted into our school you will soon realize that we pride ourselves on being a family. It is the perfect environment to nurture long term and beginning students alike in a non-competitive, encouraging and enthusiastic atmosphere.

We specialize in one-on-one training that allows your abilities to rapidly improve. It also affords you privacy to build your basic skills in a helpful environment, for ages 16 and up.

Would you like to learn more? Why not try a private one-on-one introductory lesson with no commitment?

19 adult classes a week unlimited training for $140.00 a month no other fees.


What Makes Us Different?

Our techniques blend with natural body reactions. They can be adjusted to fit an individual’s strength, weight, age and speed. Mentally, our training affords the student the proper focus, reaction and timing combined with technique, allowing our students to stay one step ahead of any aggressor, regardless of style and ability.

Learn our exclusive multiple opponent defense "Breaking the Circle". We specialize in helping experienced martial artists fill in the gap in their training. Give us a try.