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History of Shaolin Chuan Tao Kung Fu

The Shaolin system of Martial arts was initiated in about 495 AD when an Indian Buddhist priest Boddidharma (Ta Mo, as the Chinese call him), intending to spread Buddhist faith, left Southern India, crossed the Himalayan River and arrived in Honan Province of China. He found the Young Forest Temple (Shaolin in Mandarin and Sil Lum in Cantonese), which had been built by Emperor Hsiao Wen years back in the remnants of a forest. At that time, the Sil Lum Temple was famous for scholarly translation of the Buddhist Scriptures from Sanskrit into Chinese. Boddidharma observed that the monks at the temple had poor physical condition and were unable to fulfill his rigorous meditation. Therefore, he incorporated some calisthenics and various moving exercises, mostly derived from Indian yoga, into their training. Most of the exercises were based upon the movements of 18 main animals in Indo-Chinese iconography ;i.e. tiger, deer, leopard, cobra, snake, dragon, etc. In addition, Boddidharma emphasized on CHI (Intrinsic energy that is cultivated by breathing exercises and meditation) as one of the essential foundations of Shaolin Kung Fu. Exactly when these codified sets of exercise became martial arts is unknown. However, it is obvious that the evolvement stage of the art was designed for self-defense in order for the monks to defend the temple from bandits and wild animals. Over ensuing years and decades, succeeding masters in Shaolin enriched and refined Boddidharma’s fundamental teachings until they turned into graceful legendary Shaolin Chuan (Shaolin Kung Fu).

Among hundreds of styles originated in Shaolin, Chuan Tao Kung Fu is one of the few complete martial arts systems that dates back to the era of the original Shaolin Temple, even before the northern and southern split styles came into existence. Therefore, it is not limited to exclusively hand or leg techniques. Chuan Tao Kung Fu encompasses all facets and techniques, utilizing the whole body, including external as well as internal energy.

The fact that distinguishes Shaolin Kung Fu from all other martial arts and makes it a unique art is that it doesn’t exclusively focus on fighting. Although all martial skills and techniques found in all world-known martial arts can be found in Shaolin Kung Fu, it principally discourages violence and conflict. The philosophy of Shaolin Kung Fu is wisdom, compassion and self-defense.


Rules Of The Training Hall

1.  Instructors and fellow students are to be treated with respect.

2.  Students shall not display what they have learned to anyone outside the training hall.

3.  All students will bow when entering and exiting the training hall.

4.  There will be no intentional harm of any kind inflicted upon fellow students.

5.  At no time shall a student loiter or watch other students in training.

6.  Student will be dressed in clean and appropriate attire before entering the training hall.

7.  Students shall refrain from abusive language while training.

8.  Finger and toenails shall be kept clean and short.

9.  All jewelry will be removed before training.

10.  It is the responsibility of the student to maintain knowledge of previous lessons.



Instructors McMurray, Graydon, Osborne, Sorrells

Instructors McMurray, Graydon, Osborne, Sorrells

Instructors McMurray, Sifu, Osborne, Rabourn

Instructors McMurray, Sifu, Osborne, Rabourn

Mr. McMurray

Joined in 1994 Serves as 2012 Chief Instructor, Rank Black and Green sash.

Mr. Graydon

Joined in 1993 Serves as Senior Instructor, Rank Black and Green sash

Mr. Graydon has studied martial arts since the age of 13. He started out training in Karate at the local community center, later moving on to Tae Kwon Do.

After realizing those styles weren't for him, he went searching for a school that could supply him with self-defense skills that were practical and effective and would lead to a higher knowledge of what the ancient arts are all about. He finally found Chuan Tao Kung-Fu in 1993.

After becoming consumed by the training (4 hours a day 5 days a week), he took over as chief instructor from 1997-99. Since then, Mr. Graydon has kept up his training with other alumni of the school and is now one of Chuan Tao Kung Fu's senior instructors.

Mr. Rabourn

Joined in 1993 Serves as Senior Instructor, Rank Black and Green sash.

Greg Rabourn started training in Chuan Tao Kung Fu in 1993. Prior to this, Mr. Rabourn dabbled in karate a few different times, but never committed to any school for more than a few months. He was drawn toward Chuan Tao for its circular techniques rather than the hard linear force-on-force techniques found in many other martial arts. The circular motions felt much more natural and allowed for practitioners to defeat larger, faster and stronger opponents. Although the techniques are very effective, and the training is thoroughly enjoyable, it is the atmosphere of the Chuan Tao family that keeps him coming back.

In addition to teaching kung fu, Greg's passion for teaching is found in many other aspects of his life. He is a former ski instructor and spends much of his professional life helping people solve landscape problems in an environmentally sustainable way. He can be heard on most Tuesday's answering callers landscape questions on 94.9 FM KUOW Weekday's Greendays Organic Gardening Panel at 10:00 am.

Mr. Osborne

Joined in 1994 Serves as Head Instructor 2012, Rank Black and Green sash.

Mr. Jacob Osborne was born in Orange County California in 1981, raised in the South Puget Sound area, and currently resides in Auburn Washington with his wife and two young daughters. He invests his time in his family, church service, music, Martial Arts, and developing his career as an analyst.

After obtaining his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon, he returned home to the Seattle area where he began his career as a Mathematician for Weyerhaeuser Company in 2004. Since then, he has worked as an analyst at Microsoft for 3 years and as if July 2011, works as a statistical analyst for Lockheed Martin.

Jacob met his wife, Norene, in 2005 while playing guitar for his church in Auburn, Washington and was married in 2007. Together they have two lovely daughters Ella (born in 2008) and Layla (born in 2011).

Jacob began his martial arts training at the age of 9 in the art of Karate. After training for several months, however, he ultimately left to find a more fluid and challenging style. In 1994 he began training in Shaolin Kung Fu at Chuan Tao. The sheer challenge and effort involved greatly appealed to him and he has been training exclusively at Chuan Tao Kung Fu ever since. Currently, Mr. Osborne serves as Head Instructor at Chuan Tao Kung Fu and continues to benefit from the skill and dedication of his fellow instructors.

Mr. Delmundo

Serves as Instructor, Rank Red sash.

Mr. Delmundo and his family came to Seattle from the Philippines in 1993. Around 2001. Mr. Delmundo's brother introduced him to Chuan Tao Kung Fu. With no martial arts background (other than pretending to be Jackie Chan), he had no expectations about kung fu training. On his first private lesson, Mr. Delmundo learned how Chuan Tao Kung Fu's physical and mental requirements stretched him to grow without overwhelming him. Although he finds his own training rewarding, Mr. Delmundo finds helping students gain confidence while improving their mental and physical ability especially gratifying.

Mr. Delmundo lives in Kirkland, WA and works in Bellevue. He is employed with a communication company and also own a business. My background is writing SQL codes (Teradata & Oracle). Mr. Delmundo continues his education through a disciplined reading program. He feels that in life is that you're either growing or decaying, there's no in between. As the Chinese proverb says "A thousand mile journey begins by taking a single step".

Personal Mission Statement: "I am an example of integrity, commitment and achievement, while positively impacting people's lives."

Mr. Sorrells

Serves as Instructor, Rank Red sash.

Mr. Dybvad

Serves as Instructor, Rank Red sash.