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Private Instruction

Benefits of Private One-on-One Instruction for Kung Fu

As a student of Chuan Tao Kung Fu, you have the opportunity to choose group instruction or private one-on-one lessons. Whether you are a beginner or long-term student, there are many benefits of one-on-one instruction:

Learn more quickly

With one-on-one lessons the instructor can focus on the studentís specific needs, thus a student can rapidly improve his/her abilities. Sessions often move at a pace decided by the learner. The teacher can accurately monitor how adept the student is and can target specific exercises and remediation accordingly. Student and teacher may move through skills that are mastered quickly and spend more time fine-tuning a technique. One-on-one instruction also provides more opportunity for immediate feedback and better understanding of the studentís unique learning style.

Student and teacher form a trusting rapport

Personal attention is inherent in a one-on-one setting. The student has the chance to develop a real and productive relationship with the teacher. The learner may also feel more comfortable in asking questions or stating concerns. In this environment, the learner takes on a more equal role in making decisions, shifting away from a teacher-centered approach. Most important is the cultivation of trust that is essential for deeper learning to take place.

Builds confidence

Apart from a group, students have less fear of making mistakes and need not feel self-conscious in front of others, especially if other students have more advanced skills. Confidence comes from this non-competitive, encouraging and enthusiastic environment and the high level of quality interaction between the student and teacher. In addition, there is a far less chance of getting injured by another classmate who has not perfected a movement.